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ISO - 9001:2019 certified synthetic rope factory

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  • Polyester Braided Mason Twine

    Polyester Braided Mason Twine

    It is durable and abrasion resistant, holds up well to repetitive use, knots securely, is resistant to oils,gas, most chemicals, rot and mildew, ideal uses for this twine include chalk/mason line.

  • Jute Twine for Sale

    Jute Twine for Sale

    100% jute fibers
    low elongation
    good abrasion
    better resistance to decy
    dry quickly

  • Fine Sisal Twine for Sale

    Fine Sisal Twine for Sale

    Sisal rope is great for home, farm and utility use.This low cost natural fiber rope has a rough texture which provides a firm grip and holds knots well.

  • Cotton Twine for Sale

    Cotton Twine for Sale

    Cotton rope is the best choice when a soft feel and natural fiber are important. Cotton offers a softer touch than many synthetic ropes. Cotton rope is spliceable, holds knots well and has excellent resistance to UV rays so it won’t yellow or weaken with extensive exposure to sunlight.